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Comedy in an unusual way, Scary Movie well worth watching for free online,  so unusual that sometimes it gets completely bizarre and uninteresting while others will make you laugh so hard you may even feel ashamed of yourself. That is Scary Movie, a film about just every other movie in the industry as a parody, yet not as good as it could have been.

Scary Movie parodies every other movie that has been released in recent years, from sci-fi masterpieces like The Matrix to other horror movies like The Blair Witch Project, all well-known films people could get the reference to and laugh eventually.

But the movie, even though it seems to parody great movies from previous years, it is not even close to being good. It is, at least, presentable. And that’s something that leaves a lot to desire from a movie with great stars, an interesting idea, and comedy that could have been a lot better.

The Purpose

Even though the movie presents a lot of dark and dick-oriented comedy (seriously), it is not too farWatch Scary Movie Full Movie from being good. It is original, that’s true, but it is not as good as most people were expecting, yet it is not as bad as it sounds. The movie presents a certain kind of dark parody to movies which is not, let’s say, bad – but it is not in any way witty or smart – it is dark comedy without any type of construction, just inexplicable scenes one after another without much sense and without a plot to follow.

The purpose of this movie was merely that of parodying movies, and that’s it. And it does that seemingly well, not funny at certain times, but funny enough to be entertaining. But the movie gets weirder when the movie starts to parody a parody movie. Yes, the movie starts parodying the parody “Scream” a movie that was entirely made with the purpose of making fun of classic and modern horror movies, especially those where the villain and monster is an assassin. This gives the movie no sense, as parodying a parody is like being too repetitive, is like telling a joke once and have it to explain it because no one laughed, or worst, repeating a joke after someone else told it just because you want attention. That’s “Scary Movie”.

The Humor

Homophobia, unintelligent dark, utterly American and completely nonsensical, the humor of this movie is far from being good, yet it is so bizarre that you won’t be able to hold your giggles at certain moments.

The movie when it comes to humor doesn’t deliver witty and intelligent jokes, neither it will make you laugh out loud or make your stomach hurt. But it will for certain get you giggling from to time, as it is not as funny as it seems, but it is funny enough to be at least interesting.
The movie maintains the audience in front of the screen. Anyone who watches the movie would easily feel attracted to how bizarre it is, how dark and nonsensical everything gets after just a few minutes. And that’s what makes this movie be different and original, but not as funny as it wanted to be.

The Scary Movie End

By itself, Scary Movie full film, is not intelligently done in any way, not when it comes to story and plot due to lots of parody, not when it comes to directing as the movie’s transition between scenes is just awful and sometimes utterly overwhelming, the acting is below-average and average at best, and finally, the final product ends up being a movie so bizarre and lazily done (even though it will make you get some laughs), that no one has ever appraised this movie for anything more than just being a mix of everything that could have been done badly and eventually was, indeed.

If you are planning on buying the DVD, BluRay, watching free online movies or just going to a re-screening at a cinema, just remember that it won’t be a spectacularly funny movie, not a technical masterpiece, or a movie that knows how to depict parody in the best way possible. But if you are expecting to see bizarreness in the best way you could think of, this movie will for sure be a good choice.



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